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Laser Aesthetic Procedures

Before and After

laser before laser after
Before After
Judy Thurman is a seventy year old woman who has smoked most of her life and has experienced drastic weight loss late in life. This was her before and after pictures after three treatments of facial Tightening.


Using Cynosure Laser technology we offer laser treatment that includes facial tightening, hair removal and vein therapy. This is performed using state of the art Alexandrite and Yag laser technology.

Facial Tightening

Laser treatment that tightens the face with no down time.  Patients will need 3-6 treatments for best
results, depending on the skin’s laxity.  This procedure takes about an hour and can be done every three to four weeks.

Laser Hair RemovalLaser Vein Therapy

LHR has been tested and proven highly
effective in permanently reducing unwanted
hair. It works on just about any area of the
body where smooth skin is desired.  A series of five to six treatments is recommended. 

Laser Vein Therapy

Treatment of unsightly spider veins on

the legs.  A series of two to three treatments three to four weeks apart is recommended.



Sun/Age Spot Removal

Using the Cynosure laser, we can remove dark spots due to sun and age on any part of the body. It may require 2-3 treatments three weeks apart.




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